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Make-up Mistakes

6 Make-up Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

Let’s be honest, women love experimenting when it comes to fashion or style. Be it twenties or forties, the right type of makeup is paramount in completing a look.  Above all, if it’s summer, you really need to be extra cautious. The season is usually responsible for the smeared eyeliner, melting makeup or super-sticky lipstick.  We help you to sort out this issue with some of the best makeup tips that will keep you pretty and fresh, even if the weather runs against you. Let us check out the beauty mistakes to navigate.

  • Use of Mascara

Are you in a habit to end up with mascara dots on your eyelids? Then, it’s time to switch the order. After coating your top lashes first and then looking down the bottom would smudge the eye makeup. So, applying mascara in the bottom lashes first is advisable as it would prevent the smear. Always look for waterproof mascara for quick-drying.

  • Use of Shimmer Eye shadow

Shimmers must be avoided during summer as it highlights wrinkles. Instead, choose a matte eyeshadow. This would not just cover your wrinkles but also add a pop of colour to your beautiful eyes.

  • Use of Bronzer

One of the awful things that can spoil your summer look is getting tan. So, use a minimal amount of bronzer on the parts which get suntanned. Use the golden powder depending on the tools, finish and shade you choose, thus, enhancing your angles with contouring.

  • Use of Lip Liner

Instead of outlining the lips with your favourite lip liners, try to fill in the whole lip. Do not forget to use lip products that come with SPF formula. This trick would protect your lips from the heat without saying NO to your favourite shades.

  • Keep Things Light

Summer can be best enjoyed if you keep your makeup light. Just make use of a tinted moisturizer following a concealer with it. For example, if you have tan skin tones then try cranberry blush for a healthy and gorgeous glow.

  • Play with the Vibrant Colours

This season, as you are most likely to wear vivid colours and also carry bright bags then why not play with the makeup palette as well! To enjoy the summery weather do wear livelier colours that would brighten the face and also bring a perfect youthful glow to your skin. Maybe a punchy blush on your cheeks can be a perfect shade this summer.

For more such helpful tips stay tuned to Swanvi by Monika Dugal!

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