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Daily Dose of Style Inspiration

Before you start anything, first know what makes you happy. Acknowledge what exactly you want and then start developing knowledge in order to make it happen. If you are passionate about something and you feel incomplete without it then go grab it. If in your case it is ‘fashion’ then we have exacyly what you need! Here is a daily dose of style inspirations for you to try on and have fun experimenting.

Layering Heels with Socks

When it’s Spring, things need to be really out of the box, of course, keeping with the fashion trends. Layering heels with socks is one among the popular trends now. This trend has started off late and the fashion insiders and street-style influencers have amped up the style. To make it work rightly, all you need is – go fancy. Try layering a good strappy pump along with a fishnet sock, delicate lace or patterned. You can even play with different textures or just think about cotton versus sparkles.

Coachella Style

Recently, people in Canada have enjoyed the super fun Couch-ella week, where street style was the forte. It is a famous festival of music, art and fashion where people love flaunting their styles. This year the fashion was mostly about flare pants, bralettes, big hats, wild sunnies, moto boots, fashionable fanny packs and so on. As Coachella style rather the Street Style is a common and popular trend during Spring, you can simply wear what you want – right from boho tops, fringe, denim cutoffs to streetwears.

Stylish Track Pants

Enjoy this summer with some funky styled track pants. This new cool trend is really doing great all over. In fact, this trend can now be spotted on the streets of America. What else can be better than this street style fashion in this scorching heat!

Dress Up in Denim

Spring can never be celebrated without Denims. Winter was about your favourite maxi paired with denim while Spring calls for your favourite frocks with denims. No matter what season it is, denim will always be in trend. For example, wear a denim dress that would layer your baring legs in the sun and cold as well. This summer go with a clean denim look followed by a milky white shirt and a pair of white loafers. Try something new like reversed-take with a denim skirt layered over a smart pair of light-shade jeans.

Let us know which of these inspires you the most!

For more such inspiring ideas stay tuned to Swanvi by Monika Dugal!

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