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Find Your Boho Look

We have been getting several queries about bohemian clothing and so we decided to share few of our ideas with you. Let’s be practical, today nothing can beat online shopping sitting comfortably on the couch in the summer with a glass of vanilla sweet cream cold brew. So, are you ready to dip your toe into the boho style?

Those of you who are addicted towards living freely through art, style, travel and music then go embrace the bohemian fashion. Today there is a wide array of boho products available online right from apparel to accessories – all invoking the attributes of feminity, thereby creating the perfect style. Browse the online stores and find your favourite bohemian styles from the comfort of your home.

Let’s look at some interesting boho combinations that you can sport this summer:

1. Who said fashion is a precious commodity? Pick up some bohemian tops from the store which usually comes with loose fittings and are best suited for spring and summer. Typically influenced by hippie, ethnic and vintage fashion, the bohemian tops are pretty comfortable to wear and are flexible in creating a unique fashion look. Pair your favourite boho top with shorts or slim jeans or leggings or a skirt along with some funky jewellery and then create your own style.

2. When it comes to fashion trends, Boho lifestyle is all about a peaceful mind, free spirit and individualism. So, shout out Boho with some stacking and mixing of apparels and accessories. Vibrant colours, loud shapes, metal clusters, edgy rings, mismatched bangles, flowy and loose fabrics and anything that is earthy completes your Bohemian look. Even elements like fringes and tassels are a typical example of the bohemian style. So, you get a wide variety of options to create your own boho style statement.

3. Did you know that boho-inspired clothing and jewellery usually have animal designs, feathers, and floral elements in it? It is said that when it comes to bohemian style flower embroidery or animal designs are a MUST. So, a denim jacket sporting such bold impressions match perfectly with a sleeveless top and cool summer shorts.

4. Boho style also focuses on maxi dresses which you can easily team up with ankle boots, headwraps, kimonos and nature inspired jewellery. For a whimsical and symbolic look, try out fringed necklaces to pair with dressy or casual outfits.

So, when Boho style is pretty artistic why not get a long hippie dress or a ruffled skirt to give your look a perfect nomadic attitude!

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