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Pre-wedding Shoot Ideas for the next ‘It’ couple

Hollywood, Bollywood, or old school lovey-dovey style – Most of the millennial couples consider the pre-wedding shoot to be the most exciting moments of their wedding saga. If you are one of those fun couples who wish to stun your circle with perfect starry-eyed moments, you can enlist help from these pre-wedding shoot ideas and add your own unique twist to it.

  • Love for sharing the similar lifestyle

Sit with your better-half and make a list of your lifestyle choices. Tick mark the features that you both share in common and plan out the photo-shoot activities accordingly. It can be anything – drinking coffee, playing video games, admiring the nature or just fooling around.

  • Love for the Drama

If you’re one of those couples who want to flaunt the passion of love for each other, then you can pull together a photoshoot rife with dramatic effects. Here’s a tip: Choose the black and white filter to add to the intent.

Image Courtesy: Vogue
  • Love for the Movies

So both of you love watching movies? Great! How about picking out a common favourite? Take screenshots of some fun and romantic moments and simulate it for the photoshoot. You can also choose an array of your favourite movies and bring the famous posters to life.

  • Love for the food

Some eats to live and some lives to eat. If you are one of those couples who prefer the latter then you can try a fun photoshoot with your favourite delectables. Roam around the city and drop into the restaurants that specialize in making your favoured delicacies.

  • Love for the friends and family

We all love our friends and family! Sometimes they mean so much that you wouldn’t mind sharing your space with them even on your pre-wedding shoots. Take a cue from the famous FRIENDS poster to express how much you value them.


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