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Mix & Match Fashion

The Ultimate Guide to Mix & Match Fashion

Fashion is the key to brighten up your boring day. The best thing about achieving a striking look is when you don’t have to spend much on it. All you need is master the top secrets of fashion, among which ‘mix & match’ needs a special mention. If you are looking forward to making the maximum use of your wardrobe essentials then ‘Mix & Match’ would be the ideal treatment for it.

Sometimes wardrobes need some refreshments like we do. For most women, it is a challenge to get hold of the right clothes especially when they have to plan their outfit for work or other important occasions. Often the choices that are available look boring as they have already been worn a number of times. Now, the idea is to play a trick and create a fresh look from the already existing collection. Here comes the mix and match art for all those women who are bored with their present wardrobe collections.

The trend of mixing and matching had been into practice for a long time. Of course, this practice has been interesting with a combination of different layers of clothes along with diverse designs of accessories.

Here is a quick guide to help you ‘mix and match’ your wardrobe in the most fashionable way:

The Colour Wheel
Colours like gray and black are the most common ones in use. Such shades can be simple but when certain additions like striking pieces of jewellery are added to your black/gray outfit it would create an amazing dramatic statement.

Usually, dark colours get the sole attention when paired with the lighter shades. However, there is always something unique when you walk out of the usual norms. Try out some cool parings like orange & blue, violet & yellow, turquoise & maroon and green & red.

The Monochrome Match
Did you know that the monochrome colour scheme is considered as one of the coolest styles? If you want a simple yet an outstanding fashion sense then just allow one colour to take the main lead. You have a platform to add a touch to your existing style by picking the right ensembles. For a formal look, the monochromatic colour scheme would certainly be a great idea.

Prints & Patterns
Finding the right choice of colours to match your style is easy, now you also have the opportunity to try out more exhilarating mix & match style. How about matching your pair of prints with patterns and give a new name to your Sunday look? In order to play with prints and patterns, choose one single print that would rule. You can also mix prints of different designs and scales, but make sure they are of the matching fabric family. Be sure what accessories you are choosing for this style because the wrong ones might disturb the catchy outfit that already exists.

So, adding a different taste to your everyday wardrobe is an easy affair! Transform your look with some funky mix & match style today.

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